Company Profile

Company Name e.Partners,Inc.
Capital 10 million yen
Established November 1995
President Osamu Taniguchi
Head office 4-3-5, Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0071
Phone +81-3-6666-2561
Fax +81-3-3446-4651

What is our thinking?

At e.Partners we believe that the Best Service is No Service. Customer service should be eliminated or cut way back. Companies should invest more in creating a great customer experience, systematically eliminating problems that jam customer service organizations. Our passion is helping organizations to achieve that objective by stopping doing the dumb things they do to their customers and their people. We provide customer experience management solutions and services that close the gap between the customer promise and the delivered customer experience. We can turn you into a hero by helping you to convert improved customer experiences into higher levels of efficiency and profitable revenue growth. 
※”Best Service is No service” is a book written by Bill Price and David Jaffe who are our limebridge consulting partner.

Who are ePartners?

“Customer interaction” is a barometer of corporate activities. ePartners is a consulting group specializing in “customer interaction” and consulting for strategic business re-organization. The team consists of consultants who have experience in running contact centers and analysts who is excel in data analysis techniques. We are able to offer the latest techniques and best practices in the contact center industry though our Limebridge alliance made with consulting companies in over ten countries.

What is the characteristic of services ePartners offers?

We show the path leading toward systematic improvement and reformulation with concrete results. A notable characteristic in our service is consistency whether it in giving practical, realistic recommendations, clear achievement goal setting or shifting of know-how to accommodate new circumstances.

If you interested in our service:
Please download Service Overview pdf file here